Free Cameroonian Blogger And Writer Enoh Meyomesse

For 18 months, Cameroonian writer and blogger Enoh Meyomesse, laureate of the 2013 Oxfam Novib / PEN for freedom of expression, is unjustly imprisoned in the main prison in the capital of his country, Cameroon. Sign this petition calling for his immediate release.

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Internet Without Borders and PEN American Center called for the immediate and unconditional release of the writer and blogger Enoh Meyomesse.

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On November 22, 2011, writer and blogger Cameroonian Enoh Meyomesse, who is also president of the National Association of Writers Cameroonian, graduate of the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Strasbourg (Political Science) and holds a Masters degree in Political Science from the University Paris II Panthéon-Assas, was arrested at the airport in Yaounde by members of the domestic intelligence services in Cameroon. Tortured for a month, he was transferred to the central prison in Yaoundé.

First accused of "rebellion and destabilization of the State's institutions " he was finally sentenced to seven years prison for complicity in the theft and illegal sale of gold in December 2012.

Many observers and NGOs have called the trial a judicial farce. The military court which tried Meyomesse Enoh has given no guarantees that can legitimately be expected from a fair trial. Enoh Meyomesse was tried by a military court, whose members are under the authority of the Ministry of Defence. Moreover what guarantee of independence and impartiality can one reasonnably expect from members appointed by ministerial decree and whose tenure is nonexistent.


The only evidence brought by the Government Commissioner in his indictment speech was a testimony, not from the alleged victim of the theft, but from a soldier.

It is likely that the charges and the trial against him hide the desire to silence one of the most prolific intellectual and political activists of his country.

The work of Enoh Meyomesse is immense. He is the author of many books in political sociology of his country, in contemporary political history of Cameroon, but also pamphlets denouncing the state of civil liberties and human rights in this country of Central Africa.

Here are some books that he had before his arrest, decided to make available online under a free license:


Le Soleil ricanait

La Question Tribale

Discours Sur le Tribalisme

Guerre et Paix au Cameroun, et le rôle de l’armée nationale en question

1960, faits marquants au Cameroun

I’m Speaking to the anglophone Community of Cameroon

Um Nyobe : le combat interrompu…

 La chute d’André Marie MBIDA

Le Massacre de Messa en 1955

A quand le retour de l’Etat au Cameroun ?


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